Google and Mobile Friendly Sites

Imagine life without your smartphone . . . and Google. Google is so famous it has become a verb. Need to find a number? Google it! We love Google because Google loves us, and puts mobile users first. If a website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will lower the site’s SEO ranking. Google has made an announcement that mobile sites should use responsive designs, which is a fancy way of saying ‘user-friendly’.

For instance, when you are aiming for a particular page with information you have been hunting for, and you end up on the home page which has nothing to do with your search—that’s definitely NOT user-friendly. We try again and we again end up getting what we don’t want. So, in future, Google has promised that we will see mobile friendly sites at the top of our search results on our mobiles.

Google has a clever program, Mobilegeddon, to update its data in favour of websites which are mobile friendly. Mobilegeddon considers things such as readability and responsive design when ranking a website. We all know what makes a site very mobile UNfriendly:

Being redirected to a homepage when you want something else. Google suggests that you make sure you have the mobile equivalent to every URL in case your mobile website is not responsively designed.

Lucky for you all of our themes here at Premium Wedding Themes are responsive. They come jam packed with all the bells and whistles you come to expect from a premium WordPress plus the beautiful addition of being responsive. In today’s world where it is a must to a responsive site we made sure we had that covered. You wouldn’t expect any less would you?