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    Contemporary, elegant Debonair WordPress theme offers a ton of features and options, making it easy to create a stunning website for your Wedding and Event Planning business.

  • WordPress makes it easy

    Whether you want to share your expertise via your blog, showcase your latest events or brag a little with testimonials - Debonair Premium Wedding Theme lets you do all of this and more with user-friendly functionality of WordPress.

Modern. Elegant. Responsive. Debonair.

Debonair Premium Wedding Theme is a beautiful, sophisticated WordPress theme built for Wedding and Event Planning professionals. It is completelly customizable with multiple layouts, unlimited color options and fonts. Debonair lets you create a website as unique as you are. Whether you want to share your expertise by publishing a blog, showcase your latest events, or brag a little about your success.

Unlimited Pages & Styles

Create as many pages as you need and make each page unique with included shortcodes.

Four Gallery Styles

Debonair theme come with four gallery styles to fit your taste and style: album, sortable, thumbnails, with titles.

Connect & Socialize

Pin it, Twitt it, Share it, Like it – it’s all there to connect with your readers. Don’t forget to reply to comments in your blog.

From The Blog
Display most recent posts in a slider style. Debonair blog offers many custom widgets, including Pinterest and Newsletter Signup.
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